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Sakhi Sanga Retreats in Silicon Valley— United We Stand, Sit, Dance & Feast!

Under the expert guidance of H.G Vaisesika Prabhu and H.G Nirakula Devi, the enthusiasm of the Silicon Valley devotees has been ignited to implement new programs in every sphere.

Jaya Sri Radha devi dasi, a disciple of HH Radhanath Swami, has been organizing Sakhi Sanga Retreats since February of this year. Curious about her successful endeavor, we interviewed Jay Sri Radha to find out more.

Recognizing the need and importance of devotee association, Jaya Sri Radha and a few other ladies residing in the vicinity of Silicon Valley, California, put their heads and hearts together to formulate a plan to address those needs.

Jaya Sri Radha's strategy is to arrange a retreat gathering every month featuring different speakers each time. Each month a different Vaishnavi hosts the retreat at her home and tasty prasad is provided by various volunteers.

Thirty to seventy Vaishnavis from the Silicon Valley area in California attend the retreats. The five held thus far have included the following speakers and topics:

Ananda Vrindavan— “Contribution of Woman in the Grihastha Ashram”

Manjula Kantha— “Managing Time in a Busy and Demanding World”

Govinda Priya— “All About Relationships”

Sukeshwari— “Positive Parenting”

Vishakha Lila— "How to Build Real Trust for Long-lasting Relationships”

Jaya Sri Radha said that she is incredibly impressed by the determination of those attending the retreats. Despite the challenges that these ladies face in order to fit the retreat into their schedules, they do not hesitate to drive long distances or leave their duties behind, as they experience that the pay-off is well worth it! The participants are finding the association and purpose that they were hankering for. These inspirational retreats are facilitating deep friendships to develop. Jay Sri Radha emphasized that 'the cream on the lassi are the ways in which the ladies share valuable information with one another, prompting them to maintain a more Krishna Conscious home and healthy interactions.

It seems like this effective formula that could be applied in every community of devotees as a means to build stronger congregations. What do you think?



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