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virtual vaishnavi collective

online sanga with practical approaches to the Vaishnavi lifestyle

We all understand that association is paramount to our spiritual advancement, not to mention a means to nourishment on so many levels and a venue for the loving exchanges that we all yearn for. With the help of the Vaishnavi community world wide, the Vaishnavi Ministry North America is finding means for facilitating that sought after association! Please check out our current offerings below and if you have ideas that you would like to share, drop us a note!

Online Zoom Sanga


Join us in this series of online seminars; discussions and/or workshops ranging from a wide range of relevant topics covering different aspects of a Vaishnavi's lifestyle. The seminars are free of charge but registration is required to participate. Once you have registered, you will receive details via email about how to login to the sessions. We hope that you will join us!

Please be sure to subscribe to our mailing list on the bottom of this page if you wish to receive updates and announcements regarding future events.


To be announced


Q-1. Will this session be recorded?
Yes. It will be available on our website in a week’s time. We will update all participants when the video of this session is uploaded.
Q-2. Is this session/sanga only for women?
Yes, this is a sanga meant exclusively for Vaishnavis to interact. We want to create a space where women will feel comfortable and uninhibited to share and open their hearts. Of course men are welcome to watch the recorded sanga sessions, but we request that they not interact live, ie., log into Zoom.
Q-3. Why are sanyasis or men sometimes invited as guest speakers for this Sanga?
This is a sanga where all the participants are Vaishnavis. However, we will be having a wide range of speakers that will include grhastha couples, senior Vaishnavis, skilled counselors, therapists, sanyasis, yoga and Ayurvedic experts, etc. The Vaishnavi Ministry North America’s goal is to have a very holistic approach, offering various kinds of seminars that are relevant and relatable to a Vaishnavi’s present-day lifestyle.
Q-4. Will you be offering more seminars?
Yes, our intention is to offer a seminar at least once a month. As we spread our wings, we will make it bimonthly and we will have consecutive series of seminars.
Q-5. Do you only offer seminars or would there be practical workshops?
Yes, we will be offering a variety of sessions, including workshops. We would like to hear what topics captivate and inspire you and request that you kindly take a brief moment to respond to our short multiple choice survey so that strive to plan relevant sessions! 

Bond of Love Interview Series


Join us as we sit down with various daughters of Srila Prabhupada and journey into their special exchanges with our beloved Srila Prabhupada. These interviews will be live-streamed on VMNA's Youtube Channel and VMNA's Facebook page simultaneously.  



To be announced

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