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Whats a Woman To Do Cover Part 1.png

We are very excited to share 'What's a Woman to Do?',  a brilliant and painstakingly  organized compilation of Visakha dasi's realizations in regard to women's services in ISKCON.

Immediately following Visakha dasi’s deeply insightful and informative presentation at our 2018 Vaishnavi Retreat, the participants unanimously  implored that it be made available so that it could be shared far and wide. We offer our heartfelt gratitude to Visakha dasi for all of her efforts with this contribution.  'What’s a Woman to Do?' is sure to greatly benefit all of its readers and we strongly encourage you all to share this gem with your communities.


Please take note!!! Visakha dasi has recently published a PART 2 of 'What's a Woman to Do?'  Part 2 is a compilation of Visakha dasi's brilliant reflections on "Why We May Misunderstand Srila Prabhupada's Teachings Regarding Women".  You can read/download by clicking on the PART 2 button below...

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