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New Vaishnavi Seva and Sanga Podcast— Would you like to get involved?

by Tiffany Cooper

"This is the very first Vaishnavi Seva and Sanga opportunity to highlight the offerings of Vaishnavis in our devotional society. We hope that you enjoy this offering! We will be running this show monthly and include announcements of coming activities and recent offerings by Vaishnavis.  If you have heard this presentation already, we apologize, and promise more diverse content in the weeks to follow.  If you have not heard this presentation, you should really tune in as it is unique, well done and heart rendering.  Madhumati and Shymala Darshini's narration, the music of Kim Waters and Jahnavi Harrison, the writing, editing and producing of Sudharma dasi, the verbal editing of Danielle Mars, and then my final production of this particular show, all contributed to bring this show to you today). We hope that you will be inspired, not just with the prospects of this show, but to also come together with other Vaisnavis to do beneficial projects together as a team, as there is so much we can do together.     On that note, Sudharma dasi is beginning the transition from bi-weekly podcasts to a full time radio platform and is hoping to have a soft opening of the station at the beginning of 2021.  For this to happen, she is going to need the help, involvement and ownership of others.   Have you ever wanted to be a DJ, talk show host, or podcaster?  Do you think you have a good voice and would like to use it?  Do  you like to set a mood with music and organize playlists?  Do you have audio experience, or even just good organizational skill, an interest to promote the station and it's vision, an interest to develop and research innovative content.  If so, this station could be an opportunity for you to utilize these interests in service to the Lord, the devotees and as outreach. We hope to bring together groundbreaking programming.  And to do that, we will need your help.  If you are interested to participate in and / or support this project, please contact Sudharma dd at, Sudharma Wieland on Facebook, or at 352 278-7727 to text or for WhatsApp.  If you have an interest to work specifically with this show, Vaishnavi Seva and Sanga please contact me directly, Tiffany Cooper at or 215 840 5987 on WhatsApp." Thank You!

Your servant,  ~Tiffany :-)



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